History (Girls)


2008- Orlando, Florida

East defeated West, 73-66

East Coaches- Brad Crowell, The Learning Center and Karen Bartholmew, WPSD

West Coaches- Sheri Mize, Texas and Larry Burns, Washington

Scoring Leaders: Joanna Rocha, MSSD 20 points, Delasha Singleton, Texas 12 points

2009- Fullerton, California

East defeated West, 55-44

East Coaches- Amy Mowl, MSSD and Jessica Smith, South Carolina

West Coaches- Deb Ayres, Fremont and Francis Dillon, Mississippi

Scoring Leaders: Shaquana McDonough, The Learning Center 25 points, Jasmine Smith, Alabama 20 points

2010- Louisville, Kentucky

West defeated East, 79-70

West Coaches- Francis Dillon, Mississippi and Beth Mackens, Mississippi

East Coaches- Peter Bailey, The Learning Center and Anita Robinson, Virginia

Scoring Leaders: Jillian Apfel, Arizona 15 points, NeShara Joseph, Mississippi 15 points, Tandy Lewis, Maryland 25 points

2011- Bloomington, Minnesota

West defeated East 67-53

West Coaches- Jolene Froehle, Iowa and Ron Spratlen, Washington

East Coaches- Michael Helmick, Rochester and Micki Lewis, Michigan

Scoring Leaders: Kali Frowick, Norfolk HS 17 points, Chelsea Elstad, Colorado 17 points, Michai Hanley, Claire Tucker, Maryland 16 points

2013- King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

West Coaches- JoAnn O’Neil, Rhode Island, Allen Weaver, Florida

East Coaches-Jessica Smirl, Florida

2014- Concord, North Carolina

West Coaches- Amelia England, South Carolina and Thomas Krohn, North Carolina

East Coaches- Greg Elks, Eastern North Carolina and Erica Thorpe, Eastern NC

Scoring Leaders: Shayla Acree, Georgia 12 points, Jessica Radmacher, Minnesota 10 points

2015- Oakland, California

West/East Coaches- Tracey Tasselli-Boyes, Oregon and Richard Williams, Colorado

2016- St.Louis, Missouri

National defeated American 62-56

America Coaches- Amanda Huser; Indiana

National Coaches- Charles Palmer; Rochester

Scoring Leaders: Jakkisha Smith 34 points, Brianna Digiovanni 16 points.

2017- Washington DC

East defeated West 43-35

East Coaches- Nicole Laszczynski (Delaware) and Nukeitra Hayes (Model)

West Coaches- Megan Tellefson (Phoenix) and Kimberly Cain (Kansas)

Scoring Leaders: Emelia Beldon (Maryland) 11 points, Jarita Bustamante (Riverside) 10 points.

Year East West  
2007 at Indianapolis          
2008 at Orlando Brad Crowell The Learning Center Sheri Mize Texas  
Karen Bartholomew Western Penn Larry Burns Washington  
2009 at Anaheim Amelia Mowl Model Deb Ayres Fremont  
Jessica Smith South Carolina Francis Dillon Mississippi  
2010 at Louisville Peter Bailey The Learning Center Francis Dillon Mississippi  
Anita Robinson Virginia Beth Mackens Mississippi  
2011 at Bloomington, MN Michael Helmick Rochester Jolene Froehle Iowa  
Micki Lewis Michigan Ron Spratlen Washington  
  National American  
2013 at King of Prussia, PA Jessica Smirl Florida JoAnn O’Neil Rhode Island  
Allen Weaver Florida N/A N/A  
2014 at Concord, NC Amelia England South Carolina Greg Elks Eastern NC  
Tom Krohn North Carolina Played against AAU Eastern NC
2015 at Oakland, CA Tracey Tasselli-Boyes Washington  
Richard Williams Colorado Erica Thorpe Mississippi  
2016 at St. Louis Chris Palmer Rochester Hollie Reichle Mississippi  
Amanda Huser Indiana Liz Schubert Woodrow Wilson TX  
2017 at Washington DC Nicole Laszczynski Delaware Megan Tellefson Phoenix  
Nukeitra Hayes Model Kimberly Cain Kansas