History (Boys)


2007- Indianapolis, Indiana

West defeated East 74-68

West Coaches- Oskar Schugg of Fremont and Randy Shearburn of Illinois

East Coaches- Vance Rewolinski of Maryland and Troy Verner of Western Pennsylvania

Scoring Leaders- West- Michael Lizzarrage of Fremont & Lacedrix Brown of Illinois 15 pts East-Justin Rhodes of West Virginia & Zane Nochese of Western Penn 12 points

2008- Orlando, Florida

West defeated East 100-92

West Coaches-Pat Robinson of Alabama and William Richard Ward of Kansas

East Coaches– Rusty Crace of Indiana and Robert Steele of New Jersey

Scoring Leaders- West- Tony Tatum of Huffman HS (Ala) 26 points East- Brandon McMillan of Maryland 16 pts

2009- Fullerton, California

West defeated East 111-68

West Coaches – Joey Manson of Colorado and Reggie Dean of Fremont

East Coaches- Michael Yance of Kentucky and Byron Wilson of Kentucky

Scoring Leaders- West- Alfred Wigley of Kansas 28 pts East-Michael Lumley of St. Mary’s & Justin Carrus of TLC 13 pts

2010- Louisville, Kentucky

East defeated West 113-68

East Coaches- Paul See of West Virginia and Barry Swafford of Tennessee

West Coaches- Chris Hamilton of Texas and RJ Kaufman of Texas

Scoring Leaders- East- Tyler Crace of Indiana, 25 points West- Marcus Gentry of Texas, 16 points

2011- Bloomington, Minnesota

East defeated West 111-107 overtime

East Coaches– Lou Volpintesta of American and Matthew Eby of Fanwood

West Coaches– Michael Eldred of Wisconsin and Tom Armato of Wisconsin

Scoring Leaders– Deshawn Moses of Marlton 22 points and Raymond Nelson of Calif-Riverside 34 points

2013- King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

National defeated American by buzzer

American Coaches– Jerry Heider of Pennsylvania and Lonnie Brown of Pennsylvania

National Coaches– Barry Swafford of Tennessee

2014- Concord, North Carolina

American defeated National, 77-75

American Coaches– Russ Grimble of South Carolina and Erik Whitworth of Georgia

National Coaches– Craig Radford of Utah and Lamar Williams of Eastern North Carolina

Scoring Leaders– Dennis Williams of Fanwood NY, 13 points and Rashad Gatlin of Hinsdale South Ill, 30 points

2015- Oakland, California

American defeated National, 86-84 overtime

American Coaches– Mike Aubry of Illinois and Bill Osborne of Tennessee

National Coaches– John Hazelett of Fremont and Adam Goyne of Arkansas

Scoring Leaders– Jamal Garner of Illinois 20 points and Seth Hazelett of Fremont

2016- St Louis, Missouri

National defeated American, 91-71

America Coaches- Richard Keller and Jayson Bluhm

National Coaches- Paul See and Nick Tegni

Scoring Leaders- Noah Valencia of Riverside 31 points, Elonzo Arellano 21 points.

2017- Washington DC

East defeated West, 54-52

East Coaches- Keith Westhoelter (Indiana) and John K. Monahan (Marie Philip)

West Coaches- David Hamilton (Fremont)

Scoring Leaders- Tomiere Harris (Delaware) 11 points, Dylan Sicoli (Texas) 9 points.

2018- Austin, Texas