For Sponsors

November 10, 2018

Dear Prospective Sponsor:

Interested in reaching approximately 1000 basketball players and fans?  Read on!

The 75th Annual United States of America Deaf Basketball (USADB) Tournament will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 11-13, 2019.  We have every reason to be very excited about this tournament!  We anticipate a very large crowd to celebrate our existence and commitment to excellence. Our committee is already planning for this weekend, which will include: Competitive basketball games throughout three days and honoring former Hall of Famers, old timers, and past leaders to show our appreciation for their contributions. On Saturday night, we will have a slide show including many old videos and pictures. Time also will be scheduled to honor some of our former players/coaches/leaders who have made significant contributions to the USADB and to be inducted into our USADB Hall of Fame.

The USADB has roots in the American Athletic Association of the Deaf (AAAD), which was founded in 1945 in Akron, Ohio by the late Art Kruger, William Elliott, and others. Their goal was to start an annual basketball tournament for Deaf players. We have consistently provided this event for 75 consecutive years across the country in major Deaf communities despite wars, depressions, extreme weather, and other natural disasters.

Over the years, the AAAD, which has since been renamed to the USADB, has continued to grow and expand.  In 1945, only 5 men’s teams competed for the Deaf national basketball championship. Fast forward to our most recent tournament last spring in Round Rock, Texas: a total of 36 teams participated and competed in the Men’s Division 1, Women’s Division and Men’s Division II national championships.

The USADB would like to extend an invitation to your organization or company to be a part of our special 75th Anniversary event. Hosting a National Tournament is a huge undertaking for the USADB, which is run entirely by volunteers. We are inquiring to see if your company/organization is interested in sponsoring a portion of this upcoming tournament.

We have several sponsorship opportunities for your organization/company to consider. Attached is a Customized Sponsor Opportunities list. Ms. Jennifer Hooper can be reached at to discuss this further and she will respond promptly.

USADB thanks you very much for considering being a part of this historical event in Deaf sports history. We look forward to hearing from you!


Joey Baer, National Program Director