Mission Statement

United States of America Deaf Basketball (USADB) is a national basketball organization serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes who desire to participate in organized sports activities. There are eight regional units sponsored by USADB which come together at annual national tournaments and summer basketball camps, thus to develop a sense of good sportsmanship, congeniality and leadership skills among interested and talented players. Participants for Deaf Olympics and International Basketball games are selected from the most promising players at these tournaments, to represent USADB internationally.

General Goals and Objectives

The general goals and objectives of the Association shall be to:

(a) develop and promote participation in local, regional and national deaf adult basketball competitions and recreational events;

(b) simulate healthful physical, moral, and cultural education for deaf sports enthusiasts in the United States (“US”);

(c) promote and protect the mutual interests of all member organizations of the Association; and

(d) oversee the training and development of youth and adult teams to the PanAm Games, World Championships and Deaflympics.

Basketball Competition Goals & Objectives

The basketball competition goals and objectives of the Association shall be to:

(a) foster and regulate uniform rules of basketball competition among deaf club members and to provide adequate competition for those interested in inter-club basketball activities;

(b) improve and maintain the skill levels and standards of play for deaf athletes to the point where they can gain and hold respect in competitions with non-deaf teams and
individuals; and

(c) promote and develop young deaf basketball players through youth basketball camps; East-West All Stars Classic and other clinics and events as feeder programs for
national and international teams.

External Goals and Objectives.

The external goals and objectives of the Association shall be to:

(a) recognize that the USADSF is ultimately responsible for and to coordinate and develop basketball activities in the US directly related to international competition; and

(b) provide, coordinate and encourage technical research and information on accommodating and integrating deaf basketball athletes in physical training, equipment design and use, coaching and performance analysis.