Regional Team Winners

USADB congratulates Regional Team winners from their recent regional tournament. The information is also posted on the 2022 National Tournament Page – So CONGRATULATIONS!

They are:

Men 1st place: CBUS City Monsters
Men 2nd place: Wisconsin Wolves
Women 1st place: Indianapolis Checkers

Men 1st place: LAD
Men 2nd place: Omaha
Women 1st place: LAD

Men 1st place: SacTown
Men 2nd place: Oregon
Women 1st place: no women teams registered for the tournament

Men 1st place: Southeast Hoopstars
Men 2nd place: FSAD Bombers
Women 1st place: SE Divastars

Men 1st place: HTX Eagles
Men 2nd place: ATX Warriors
Women 1st place: Texas Outlaws