Hall of Fame

Class of 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

(From L to R) Myron Greenstone, Bennie Fuller, Shawn Stringfellow, Sarah B. Faber, Carl W. Denney, Janel Birrenkott, Kevin Smith and Chris Miller. (Missing: Brian Bippus, Michael “Doc” Torres, Maurice Mosley, and Anthony Jones)

Bennie Fuller, Player
Paula Hamblin-Lorenz, Presenter
Kevin Smith, Player (Right)
Scott Morrison, Presenter
Janel Birrenkott, Player (Left)
Michele Heise, Presenter
Myron Greenstone (Leader – Right)
Roy Lopaty, Presenter
Carl W. Denney, Coach (Right)
Keith Westhoetler, Presenter
Sarah B. Faber, Player (Right)
Julia Anderson, Presenter
Shawn Stringfellow, Player (Right)
Scott Morrison, Presenter
Chris Miller, Official (right)
Gene Duve, Presenter
Brian Bippus, Player (Zachary, son received on his behalf)
Keith Westhoetler, Presenter
Maurice Mosley, Player
Michael “Doc” Torres, Player
Anthony Jones, Player

Class of 2018 Inductees

Hubert Anderson

Ron Emerson

Michael Stultz

Darnell Woods

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Paula Hamblin-Lorenz

Amanda Huser

Barbara Hyde

Ronda Johnson

Ron Johnson

Ronda Jo (Miller) Donatucci

Shirley Platt

Marsha Wetzel

Sara Wummer

2015 Hall of Fame Ceremony Video

2015 Hall of Fame Program Book

There are four categories: 1) Players 2) Coaches 3) Leaders and 4) Officials whom we recognize individuals who made contributions toward AAAD/UASDB. Under the Contributors section, those individuals were recognized for their significant contributions to the game of basketball outside of AAAD/USADB. The first induction was in 1953 and first woman was inducted in 1992.

YearLast NameFirst NameACHIEVEMENTS
1963*EcholsNathanielLed Buffalo to first ever AAAD title in 1945 and again in 1948; Was the fastest, most agile, and best seasoned player to perform in early years; Selected to four First Team All-Star team
1970*AcunaAngelHailed from Farwest; Led Los Angeles Club of the Deaf to 1946 AAAD championship and voted MVP; Played for Mexico in 1948 Olympics, the first deaf person to play in a team sport at the Olympics; Was offered a contract to play for Harlem Golbetrotters but did not accept it; First Hispanic player inducted to AAAD Hall of Fame
1972*JacksonJohnWas awarded accolade "Mr. Basketball" at Arkansas Deaf School; Led Little Rock Deaf Club to 11 Regional Championships (1949-1959); Most Valuable Player at 1950 AAAD Nationals; Played on 1957 USA Deaf Basketball team at the World Games f/t Deaf
1974*NuttClydeFirst man to reach 1,000 points in AAAD; Two-time AAAD MVP; Named to 11 All-Star teams; Had a 23.9 points average in history; Won gold medal in basketball at 1961 World Games for the Deaf
1976*LovelandEdward PaulDuring his 21 years of playing basketball, he was elected to the First Team All-Star 20 times and MVP five times; 1949 AAAD MVP
1976*LorelloCarlMade 700 points in his first year on the varsity at Fanwood; Was an instrumental player on Golden Tornadoes team; Voted AAAD MVP in 1952; career cut shortened in his prime in an accident
1977*Marxer-ClarkLarryPlayed in six AAAD tournaments; Selected to AAAD All-Star team six times; Led Des Moines to 3 championships 1949, 1951 and 1952
1978SchymanWilliamPlayed at DePaul Univ; First Deaf to be selected in NBA by Washington Bullets in 1953; 1965 WGD Gold Medalist; 1961 AAAD Champions; Coached USA Men Basketball to gold medal at 1981 World Games for the Deaf
1979*TuttleMarvin WalterLed state of Iowa in scoring with 23.6 points average in 1949; Won 1951 & 1952 AAAD National Championships
1980MillerJohn C.Gallaudet; 1965 AAAD Champions with District of Columbia Club of Deaf (DCCD); 1965 World Games f/t Deaf Gold Medalist
1981*MilliganKevin5th in Gallaudet history with 1,681 points made; 1962 & 1964 AAAD Champions with Buffalo Deaf club; 1964 AAAD MVP; Selected to four All-star team; Averaged 19.8 in 8 National tournaments
1981*WernimontDennisMember of 1962 AAAD Champions with Des Moines; 1962 AAAD MVP; Selected to four All-star team; Won gold medal in Men Basketball at 1965 World Games for the Deaf
1981*JanczakChester1955 AAAD MVP; Averaged 19.8 in AAAD tournaments; Made AAAD All-star team six times
1983DorrellMikeParticipated in nine nationals and averaged 15 points per game for Beaver Valley, PAD and DCCD; Won gold medal twice at 1961 and 1965 WGD; Was the flag bearer of the 1965 USA team
1983*HeckHilaryLed to Milwaukee Club to back-to-back AAAD titles in 1954 and 1955; Played with Chester Janczak, another Hall of Famer; Coached by Hall of Famer Anthony Panella
1984MacFaddenJamesGallaudet College, Hollywood, District of Columbia Club, World Games for the Deaf
1985SchwallWilliamPlayed in eight AAAD tournaments; Top scorer in 1959; 1961 AAAD MVP & Champions; 1965 World Games for the Deaf Gold Medalist
1985*Amati, Sr.QuentinLed Union League to AAAD championships in 1956 and 1964; Voted MVP in 1956; Averaged 15.1 points in six tournaments
1985*NuttHouston1957 AAAD MVP; Selected to All-Star team four times; 1957 WGD Gold Medalist; His brothers, Clyde and Fay, are also Hall of Famers
1985*CrinoAnthonyStandout player in 1940's-1950s; EAAD's first MVP ever; Selected to 1946 First Team All-Star
1985*CohenSamuelPlayed basketball for Union League, Lexington Boys, and Hebrew Association of the Deaf; Scored 16 points at age of 52 at NYAD tournament; Was unselfish player
1986JohnsonRonald G.Led to MinnePaul to eight Regional titles in nine years averaging close to 20 points and 10 assists per game; Won two AAAD titles in 1973 and 1974; Won gold medals in men basketball at 1969 and 1973 WGD
1986LyonsDonaldWhile a student at CSD Berkeley, he led scoring in the state; Played for Univ. of Las Vegas; Scored 904 points in AAAD history and won six AAAD championships; Selected to 11 All-Star teams; 1977 AAAD MVP; 1977 WGD Men Basketball Gold Medalist
1987FuechtmannRalphParticipated in 8 AAAD tournaments and was selected to All-Star teams five times; Always was among the leaders in rebounding; Won two AAAD crowns; Won two gold medals on 1969 and 1973 basketball teams
1987*O'DonnellRobertMost observers would rank him among the top five centers ever to play in AAAD tournament; 1971 AAAD MVP; AAAD runner-ups four times; Total scoring of 478 points; Always had "never give up" spirit guy
1988CouthenAlbertAmerican Deaf School, Gallaudet, World Games f/t Deaf
1988HendrixGary1967 AAAD MVP; Member of 1971 Oakland AAAD Champions; Made three All-star teams
1989KaesslerPaulClarke, New York, Gallaudet, Union League, Westchester, 1965 WGD Gold Medalilst
1989*SpearsWayne "Billy"Four-time AAAD Champion with Los Angeles Club of the Deaf and LA Ephpheta; 1965 WGD Gold Medalist
1990AntalJack1963 AAAD MVP with LA Ephpheta; 1961 & 1969 WGD Gold Medalist
1991*GrantLeon Orlient"Deaf" Wilt with seven AAAD championships with Los Angeles and Carolinas; Made 8 All-Star teams; Made 833 points in career for a 26.9 points per game average; Member of 1973 World Games f/t Deaf Gold Medalist team
1991*NuttFayMade 511 points in 38 games over 13 tournaments for 13.4 average; One All-star team; World Games f/t Deaf
1991AndersonGlennPlayed for Gallaudet College; Motor City, Union League, Pelicans; Selected to three All-Star teams; World Games f/t Deaf
1992*FineDannyPelicans, GTAC, Union League; One All-Star team; World Games f/t Deaf
1994*RenshawJamesOnce held a one game scoring record of 76 points in a FAAD tournament (1970's); Three All-Star teams; Averaged 17.6 in 10 tournaments
1997*HealyCraig1975 AAAD MVP; Six All-Star teams; 14.5 points per average in 9 tournaments
2008BrownCraigMember of 1982 & 1988 AAAD champions with Carolinas; 1988 AAAD MVP; 1977, 1981, & 1985 WGD Gold Medalist
2008AshfordMichaelSelected to 17 All-Star teams with Chicago; 1983, 1984, 1985 & 1987 AAAD MVP; 1981 & 1985 WGD Gold Medalist; Made 1,110 points in 20 tournaments for 18.5 points per game
2008MattsonRonaldFour All-Star team with Chicago; 1989 WGD Gold Medalist
2009Dike-JohnsonJodeeOne of original AAAD woman players; Averaged 20.5 points per game; 1993 World Games f/t Deaf Gold Medalist
2015Hamblin-LorenzPaulaPlayed on high school team that won state championship in Mississippi; Led Little Rock to national championship in 2000 and was voted MVP; Played in nine national tournaments and was selected to three All-Star teams; 1993 and 1997 Deaflympics Gold Medalist
2015HydeBarbaraPlayed for University of Arizona on a full-ride scholarship; One of the first women to play in AAAD and USADB; 1992 and 1996 MVP; Six-time All-Star team; Five-time Deaflympics Gold Medalist
2015HuserAmandaAt Indiana Deaf School, her team won four straight CSSD championships and surpassed 1,000 points; Averaged 23.7 points per game in seven USADB tournaments; Voted MVP in 2005; Five All-Star honors
2015*JohnsonRondaIn high school, her team won four straight championships and scored 1,000 points; Played four years at Gallaudet and scored 1,000 points; Played in nine USADB tournaments and was selected to seven All-Star teams; Member of three straight championship teams; 2001 and 2005 Deaflympics Gold Medalist
2015MillerRonda JoLed Minnesota School for the Deaf to the National Champion title; Led Gallaudet to Division 3 Sweet 16; Led Division 3 in rebounding (1,545 rebounds) and ranked third in scoring (2,565 points) and third in blocked shots (373); Played in seven USADB tournaments and won three straight championships averaging 22.3 points per game; Voted MVP in 2004 and First All-Star team five times
2015WummerSaraMade First Team All-American in four years as a high schooler at Pennyslvania Deaf School; Made 2,064 points at PSD; One of first women to play in early days of AAAD; Member of 1981, 1985 and 1989 WGD Gold Medal teams
2018StultzMichael Four-year Gallaudet University starter; Four-time AAAD champion; Two-time AAAD MVP; 1998 USADB Most Outstanding Player; Four-time All-Star team; Member of 1985 & 1993 WGD Gold Medal teams
2018WoodsDarnell Four-year letterman basketball at Gallaudet; Four-time AAAD/USADB Champions; Seven-time All-Star team; Member of 2001 & 2005 Deaflympics Gold Medal team; Finished with 995 points with an average of 14.9 points per game; Made second highest 3 points (189)
2019BippusBrianFour-year Gallaudet standout and third all-time scorer in history with 1,882 points; Four USADB Championships; Two-time MVP; Seven-time AAAD/USADB First Team All-Star; Four-time AAAD/USADB Second Team All-Star; Two-time Deaflympics Gold Medalist
2019BirrenkottJanelNorthern State University Star; Sioux Falls; Played in first professional women's basketball league for Pride of Iowa; Three-time Deaflympics Gold Medalist; 10-time National Champions with Sioux Falls and Arizona Black Widows; Leading women scorer in USADB history with 794 points; Scored 52 points in one game (still a record)
2019FaberSarahLong-time post player for WSAD (Chicago) and led its team to 1998 USADB championship; 1998 USADB MVP; Four-time All-Star team; 1985 and 1997 Deaflympics Gold Medalist; 2015 USADB Coach of the Tournament
2019JonesAnthonyGallaudet University all-time leading scorer with 2,233 points; Member of three USADB championship teams; Named MVP in 1997 & 1998; Averaged 23 points per game in eight USADB tournaments
2019MosleyMauriceMember of six AAAD championship teams; Selected to AAAD All-Star team five times; Member of first ever "Negro" Deaf Basketball team, Blue Jays, in 1962 that played in AAAD
2019SmithKevinKnown as "The Golden Arm" guard of the Chicago team; Second in all-time points in USADB history with 1,425 points; Holds USADB all-time 3-points record with 241 FG made; Member of 7 championship teams; 14-times All-star team; Member of three Gold Medal Deaflympics Basketball teams (1993, 1997 and 2001)
2019StringfellowShawnLong-time floor general of the Chicago dynasty; Member of 10 National Championship teams and seven runner-up teams; 1994 AAAD MVP; Nine-time All-Star team; Member of 1985 and 1993 Deaflympics Gold Medalist Basketball teams
2019TorresMichael "Doc"The fourth leading scorer in USADB history with 1,244 points; Played professionally in Puerto Rico for 14 years; Selected to ten All-Star teams; Member of 1981 & 1985 Gold Medalist Basketball team; Won USADB National Championship in 2004
YearLast NameFirst NameACHIEVEMENTS
1962*DyerLouisWon six National Championships (1946, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970) with Los Angeles Club of the Deaf; 1965 WGD Head Coach
1966*PanellaAnthonyCoached Milwaukee Silent for 15 years; Won CAAD titles nine straight times and AAAD championships in 1954 and 1955; AAAD Coach of the Tournament twice in 1951 and 1957; Coach record: 206-46
1976*TubbLonnieCoach for famed Little Rock Silents of 1953 trough 1961 with a record of 177-36; Won seven SWAAD titles and two AAAD championships
1980*BergDennisCoached Minnepaul to two national titles in 1972 and 1973
1986*MaucereBennieCoach of six National Championships (1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1981, and 1986) with Los Angeles and Hollywood; Finished with 48-21 record; Voted Coach of Tournament four times; 1989 WGD Basketball Head Coach Gold Medalist
1988*PordumDanBuffalo, Union League, Staten Island; 1977 World Games f/t Deaf Assistant Coach
1992LoganJaniceFirst woman inducted into AAAD; Coached at Oregon School for the Deaf
1994MorrisonScottSelected as CAAD Coach of the Tournament 11 times; Won 7 National Championships (1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1994, 1995); Won AAAD Coach of the Tournament six times; Coached 1993 Gold Medalist USA Men Basketball team
2000*RubianoAlexanderMilwaukee & Chicago; Coached 1997 Gold Medal USA Men Basketball team
2001PedersenMelvinMember of 1971 AAAD champion team (Oakland); Led East Bay (Oakland) to its only title game in 1994
2015JohnsonRonald G. Won Great Plains School for the Deaf four times as high school coach (1994-1997); Won 1995 National Championship as coach; Coached Minnepaul women to three straight titles (2001-2003); Coached women team to 2005 Deaflympics gold medal
2018*AndersonHubertBegan coaching the Capital City Association for the Deaf in 1964; Gallaudet College Head Coach (1976-1980); While at Gallaudet, he coached the Washington Diplomat Club for the Deaf (1976-1979) winning 1979 title; Coached Carolinas in 1981-1983 and won AAAD title in 1981; Coached 1985 Gold Medal USA Men Basketball team
2018*EmersonRonaldMember of 1969 World Games f/t Deaf Gold Medal team; Coached Houston its only title in 1980 and voted Coach of the Tournament; Coached Capitol City (DC); Served as Gallaudet University men's assistant coach in early 1990's
2019DenneyCarl WayneCoached teams to four USADB championships in 2008, 2009, 2013, and 2014 with Greater Indianapolis, Indy Hawks, and New Mexico Zia; Seven-time Regional Coach of the Tournament
YearLast NameFirst NameACHIEVEMENTS
1997*BullinerJohn F.First Deaf Basketball referee in grade and high schools in Illinois (1943); Officiated in 1946 & 1947 AAAD games
1998KirkGuy T.NAIA Division official (1980's); Long time USADB Official
2001DuveGeneOfficiated for 23 years; 12 years for USADB; Officiated at 50th anniversary in Akron; DBO-USADB Official Liasion
2015WetzelMarshaFirst Female Deaf Referee in NCAA Division 1 (2002); First Deaf Female Referee in AAAD/USADB
2019MillerChrisOfficiated in 14 USADB championship games in 17 seasons; DIBF official for 12 years; Founder of Deaf Basketball Officials (DBO); Official in College Division 1 for 8 years
YearLast NameFirst NameACHIEVEMENTS
1954*KrugerArtCo-founder of AAAD; Elected as first AAAD president (1945-1947); 1947-1954 AAAD Secretary-Treasurer; 1966-1982 USA/WGD Chairman; Long time Sports Editor for Silent Worker
1957*WarshawskyLeonardCoach for 1945 Chicago Club basketball team; CAAD President; AAAD President for two terms; Founder of AAAD Hall of Fame
1962*ElliottThomas W.Co-founder of AAAD; AAAD President
1963*HillTroy E. 1954-1955 AAAD President
1964*CusackHugh1952-1954 AAAD President
1965*FleischmanAlexander E. 1945-1947 AAAD Vice-President; 1951-1954 AAAD Publicity Director; 1954-1959 AAAD Secretary-Treasurer; 1961-1963 AAAD President
1966*WhismanCharleyCoached at the Indiana School 1936-1946; Held all offices in CAAD; Served as Vice President and President of the AAAD
1967*FriedmanMax1957-1959 AAAD President
1968*CarneyEdward C.1961 - 1965 AAAD Vice President; 1965-1967 AAAD President
1969*JacobsHarry1963 - 1965 AAAD President
1970*JordanJerald1958 - 1961 AAAD Vice-President; 1962-1966 USA/WGD Chairman; 1971-1973 AAAD President
1971*BarrackJames A.1959-1967 AAAD Secretary-Treasurer; 1967-1969 AAAD President
1972*FraserWilliamMAAD president and writer for AAAD bulletin
1973*AllenGordonSWAAD Officer
1975*SchreiberHerbAAAD Publicity Director for 8 years; AAAD Secretary-Treasurer for 3 years; Wrote many articles for Silent Worker
1976*ConnellRichard 'Duke'CAAD President 8 years; 1956 AAAD Chair
1978*BuckmasterJohn1971 - 1973 AAAD Vice-President; 1973 - 1975 AAAD President
1979CaswellRichard E. 1969-1972 AAAD Publicity Director; 1972-1981 AAAD Secretary-Treasurer; 1981-1985 AAAD President; Scored 1,410 points at Gallaudet
1980*GreenstoneMarvinA loyal fixture of the Los Angeles Club of the Club (LACD); LACD manager for 15 years; LACD Athletic and Chief Fund Raiser for AAAD basketball trips; 1970-1971 FAAD President; 1974 AAAD Basketball Chairperson; involved with AAAD scorekeeping committee for many years, helped developed and maintained official stats for AAAD.
1981*HopkinsRobertCAAD President & AAAD Chairperson
1982*NelsonArthur Began his long AAAD career by playing basketball in 1946; Served in the different capacities for MAAD for 11 years; 1975-1978 AAAD Vice President; 1980-1981 AAAD President
1984*FinklesteinNormanDevoted 20 years of active leadership for Gotham clubs, New York clubs, EAAD, and AAAD; Served as AAAD Vice President in 1978; Had been one of the official scorers at AAAD
1985*SkinnerLillianConsidered a pioneer feminist for leadership in the Deaf sports of 1950-60; First Deaf Woman elected to chair 1963 AAAD Tournament; Involved with FAAD region
1987*BuellEdward Known as "Father of the New England Athletic Association"; Attended NEAAD meeting for 42 years; NEAAD President nine times; AAAD delegate more than 30 times; 1975 AAAD Chair
1988*CurtisG. Leon1973-1975 Vice-President; 1975-1977 AAAD President
1989*SimpsonWilliamWorld Games for the Deaf Chair
1990*MortensenLyle1981-1985 AAAD Secretary-Treasurer; 1985-1988 AAAD President
1991ZulaufColeEAAD President; 1980-1990 AAAD Publicity Director
1992*WildingGeorgeNWAAD President; 1981-1988 AAAD Vice President
1992*GallowayVictorAAAD President
1993*BelskyMartin1985-1988 AAAD Secretary-Treasurer; 1988-1991 AAAD President
1993*WhiteJohn F. "Jack"AAAD Chair & Leader
1994*DavidsonWilliam C.Served as an officer in both NWAAD and FAAD; Founder of FAAD Hall of Fame; Frequent published sportswriter; Served as 1997 AAAD Basketball Tournament Publicity Director
1995*BrownLonFAAD President & Leader; Coached LA Ephpheta to 1963 AAAD title
1995CarricoJoseph F.AAAD Chair & MAAD President
1998*RayMaxAAAD Vice President & SEAAD Vice President
1999*PlattDennis R. NWAAD President & AAAD Vice President
2000*CarrE. GeneAAAD Chair & SWAAD President
2010*FleischerLawrence R.1991-1992 AAAD President
2015PlattShirley HortieFirst Female Officer (Secretary); First AAAD Executive Director; First Women USADB Commissioner
2019GreenstoneMyronLong-time member of Los Angeles Club of the Deaf; Served as NWAAD Vice-president 1980-1981, Secretary 1981-1989, President 1989-1993; USADB Secretary 2000-2007; Served many years as head scorekeeper statistics crew for USADB; Involved for many years with AAAD/USADB Hall of Fame selection committee; Very detailed, diligent, accurate and proud of his work; He and his father are the first father and son combo to be elected to the AAAD/USADB Hall of Fame in the same category
YearLast NameFirst NameACHIEVEMENTS
1953*DownesNoahConsidered one of the greatest basketball players in early 1900's; Won city championship with Maryland School f/t Deaf; Helped Gallaudet College win D.C. Intercollegiate Basketball crown in 1919
1955*RockwellWalterConsidered one of the greatest basketball players in early 1900's; Selected as one of the greatest basketball players of the last half century by the Silent Worker
1956*RiddleWillieKnown as "The Wizard" from South Carolina; Played in 521 games and made 7,618 points in a total of 27 years; Played for Gallaudet and made All-District Columbia two years in a row
1959*WorzelJosephKnown as "Little Joe"; Played professional basketball in 1920's with Original Celtics, New York Rens and Visitations teams; His remarkable accuracy in locating the basket from all angles of the court made him a dangerous man, and his speed in dribbling was a revelation; Above all, his quick thinking at opportune moments more than once turned a seeming defeat into a glorious victory
1969*ShafranekBenNew York
1972*BehrensJamesPlayed professional basketball averaging 12 points per game (1922-1932)
1973*RussellJosephMississippi, World Games f/t Deaf
1973*DownesLeonardMaryland, Semi-Professional
1975*RodmanEdwardNew Jersey
1978*RollerWinfieldColorado, Gallaudet, Goodyear Silents
1982*CosgroveDennisPlayed 3 years at the Washington School for the Deaf and averaged 25 points per game in his senior year; Captain of the All-Star public school; Was a top-scorer at Gallaudet College
1983*TeareFay T.Was a star of the Nebraska School for the Deaf's State School Class A Champions of 1931; Unanimously selected on the All-State Nebraska team of 1931
1987BrownAlexanderClarke School for the Deaf
1988CouthenAlbertConnecticut, Gallaudet, World Games f/t Deaf
2003*HugginsMonica KupkaAveraged 24 points a game at Iowa School for the Deaf in early 1940's; played in the semi-pro Empire Bluffs in 1950.
2005*BlehmSteveAveraged 47.3 during his sophomore year at North Dakota School for the Deaf which ranks top 10 in the country; 12th in Gallaudet scoring history with 1,287 points; 1977 WGD Gold Medalist
2019FullerBennieHolds a record for most points scored in state of Arkansas with 4,898 points in 4 years at Arkansas Deaf School; Scored 102 points in a game in 1971; His 50.9 points per game during his senior year ranks number one in state of Arkansas; AAAD Hall of Famer Houston Nutt was his coach; Enshrined in the Arkansas High School Basketball and SWBAD Hall of Fame
YearLast NameFirst NameACHIEVEMENTS
1953*NeesamFrederickDevoted 41 years coaching at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf winning 1934 & 1937 national titles; Introduced basketball to Gallaudet College in 1903; Started several basketball clubs
1953*FoltzEdwardCoached at Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Lousiana Schools for the Deaf; Won Midwest Conference basketball title twice; Led Arkansas to State Class "B" ttitle in 1949
1954*BurnsS. RobeyDuring 1931-32 basketball season, his cagers won four titles including a national title; One of the leaders that formed Central States Cage tourney; Instrumental in sending Americans to International games of the Deaf in 1935, '39, '49, '53, '57; Designed the original AAAD logo
1954*LewellynT. CarltonCoached at Virginia School for the Deaf with a record of 282-189; In 1952, his basketball team finished the season with 23-3 mark
1956*BensonHarryCoached Maryland School for the Deaf basketball for 48 years; Won Frederick City titles in 1910, 1918 and 1926; Best record was in 1939 when his Maryland team won twenty straight
1962*BaynesHarry L. Coached Alabama basketball team for 38 years
1966*PetersonNickCoached South Dakota Deaf School basketball team for 23 years winning Nebraska State Class D HS Basketball Championship in 1931
1969*AkinE. ConleyTenneessee
1971*BrownGeorge K. North Carolina
1973*McVeyEarly R.Houston
1976*ShibleyLuther C. SWAAD and AAAD leader since 1951; 1961 AAAD Tournament Chairman; Manager of the famed Little Rock Silents basketball team
1977*DavisCecil B. As a coach, he won 4 Mason Dixon championships (1954, 1957, 1961 and 1973) with smallest enrollment among schools in Mason Dixon; Coached teams in SWAAD seven times and was chosen Coach of the Tournament three times; Won SWAAD titles twice
1980*CohenAbramRhode Island
1983*SladekFrankLed his basketball team that won 1952 conference title; Served as Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer of FAAD during early 1960's
1984*SmithJess M.Girls basketball coach at Tennessee School for the Deaf for 19 years (1941-1961); His teams were District 8 champions three times and had a 25-3 record against other Deaf schools
1987*TuttleMarvin O.Excellent coach for the Carolinas in SEAAD and AAAD; Coached Carolinas to its first title in 1972; Selected as Coach of the Tournament
* Deceased

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