Men’s and women’s Deaflympics basketball competition is held every four years (2021, 2025, etc.). The USA men have captured the gold in 14 of the 15 Deaflympics in which they have competed and compiled an incredible 85-1 record. The USA women have earned the gold in seven consecutive Deaflympics starting in 1981 until 2009, when they placed second to Sweden at the Deaflympics in Taipei, Taiwan. Not to be denied for long, the USA women’s squad recaptured the gold medal four years later, at the 2013 Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently, they boast a sterling 53-2 record.

Deaflympics Tidbits

  • First Deaflympics men’s basketball competition began in 1953. USA finished third place.
  • Deaflympics women’s basketball competition started in 1981.
  • USA men won 14 straight Gold Medals from 1957 to 2009. USA women won 7 straight from 1981 to 2005.
  • In 2009, Sweden beat USA women for first-ever loss in the Gold Medal game.
  • In 2013, Venezuela ended USA men’s 82-game Deaflympics winning streak. Lithuania beat Venezuela to capture Gold Medal. USA men finished third place. The USA women recaptured the Gold Medal by beating Ukraine.

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